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Product Overview

Twistlok Pro

Twistlokpro has taken the existing Twistlok  product to the next level to provide additional features and benefits to help provide your site with an advantage.twistlok pro assembly


Hammer free locking pin

Bradken's hammer free Twistlokpro locking pin (patent pending) provides improved safety, with a 17mm AF in-hex socket and a 3/4 drive breaker bar to install and remove the pin.  The pin can be reused under certain circumstances, reducing the ongoing running costs of your machine.

twistlok pro pin

Points have been reengineered based on data collected from point wear and point performance of existing styles. Twistlokpro points now feature an additional 10% to 15% wear material in critical wear areas, prolonging your point life.

Wear Caps

A common Twistlokpro wear cap is available on both the top and bottom legs of mining sized adapters.  Being a common wear cap, they can be interchanged across any of the five locations, which maximises the life of the wear cap.  The addition of wear caps also eliminates the need for additional weld on protection to the adapter legs. Front End Loaders will benefit the most from bottom leg wear caps.

twistlok pro
Protected Lifting Point

Our T810 adapter range features a protected lifting point (Australian Standard certified) beneath the top leg wear caps, providing a safe and time effective means of removing the adapter from your machine.

Twistlok pro

Twistlokpro points are Interchangeable with existing Twistlok adapters and competitor's adapters with a helix style nose.

twistlok pro adapters