Product Overview

Penetrator solid

Bradken's range of cast lip Ground Engaging Tool (GET) products has expanded with the introduction of the Penetratorsolid b-series, c-series and e-series. These systems are designed to fit onto Bradken®, CQMS® and ESCO® noses, utilising a Bradken hammer free locking pin system.

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One Supplier: Bradken's range of points can be fitted to Bradken and competitor adapters using Bradken's hammer free locking pin. Bradken in turn can become your sole supplier for your fleet running solid points.

Bradken Penetratorsolid b-series Solid Points
Bradken Penetratorsolid c-series Solid Points
Bradken Penetratorsolid e-series Solid Points

This in turn reduces the amount of inventory required on site.


Safety: Reduced risk of injury due to hammer free installation and removal of the point and locking pin. Locking pins remain secured for point/adapter assembly.

penetrator solid point

Design: Bradken Penetratorsolid points have been designed to have a self sharpening profile, ensuring a point that offers full penetration throughout it's life.


Alloys :Bradken's Penetratorsolid points are cast in a tough alloy, decreasing the chance of breakages, particularly in hard, blocky overburden. They also offer better wear life in abrasive material compared to competitor's offerings.

locking pin

Horizontal Pins: The added benefit of a reusable horizontal pin is the improved point life, material throwaway and efficiency that is obtained from the pins location in the internal cavity. As the locking pin system is enclosed, the locking pin is less susceptible to failing or being impacted by fines.

Point Options: Bradken has released our Penetratorsolid offering in two styles, GP (General) and PT (Penetration). If you need a point style suited specifically to your mine site needs, contact your local Bradken representative to find out how we can design a point specifically for you.


Locking Pin Take Up: Due to the two sided take-up on the solid point, there is reduced movement and wear to the nose, ensuring even wear on the nose butt fit.