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Product Overview

Bradken's range of DefenderTM cast lip shrouds are designed to meet the worlds toughest digging conditions. The shrouds can be retrofitted onto existing profile bosses on competitor products and are manufactured in Bradken's superior alloys to provide improved wear life and reduced operating costs.

The Defender cast lip shroud for the Bradken Penetrator lip has the following features:

Made from superior cast alloys
Optimised external profile to improve penetration and lip protection
External and internal wear indicators to assist with maximising shroud wear life and shroud replacement
Self sharpening cavities to assist with maintaining shroud sharpness during its service life

Bradken also has a growing range of OEM Defender cast lip shrouds to suit your current fleet of machines. Contact one of our Bradken representatives to find out what is available for your machine platform.

Defender shroud Features

Defender Cast LIp Shroud

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Defender Shroud Advantages

Bradken's Defender cast lip shrouds have a unique concave sidewall which provides maximum protection to the Penetrator cast lip. With an elevated leading edge profile, the Defender shroud also provides optimal penetration in all digging conditions.

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Defender Wing Shrouds

Bradken's Defender wing shrouds are designed to fit a wide array of mining excavators, face shovel, front end loaders and construction machines and come in sizes ranging from 40mm to 140mm (1.6inch to 5.5inch).

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