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Harmonise Rigging Product Overview
Bradken, Harmonise Rigging

Do you want to avoid unplanned downtime on your dragline operation associated with unreliable performance of your rigging and chain? Do you want to reduce the number of part changes to reduce the risk of injury as well as reducing part replacement costs? Do you want to increase the payload capacity of your dragline? Harmonise ™ is your dependable solution for:

Improving the operational safety of rigging/chain maintenance
Maximising component life
Converting rigging mass into additional bucket payload
Reducing spares inventory through part standardisation
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APT PINS Product Overview
Bradken, Advanced Processing Technology (APT) Pins

Bradken's highly engineered rigging pins utilise Advanced Processing Technology (APT) for longer wear life and fewer breakages. Bradken pins have been shown to provide increases in wear life of more than 3 - 5 times over conventional pins.

This means fewer change-outs and less downtime, allowing for continued production and significant savings in dragline maintenance costs.