APT Dragline Rigging Pins Overview

APT Dragline Rigging Pins

APT (Advanced Processing Technology) Dragline Rigging Pins are manufactured with high hardness and high toughness which has proven to last at least three times longer than conventional rigging pins. This in turn reduces your maintenance costs and machine downtime.

Bradken has a range of DRP pins that can fit to your current rigging package without the need for modification. Talk to your local Bradken representative about our current offering of DRP pins or the opportunity to customise a pin to suit your rigging requirements.

Take advantage of Bradken's innovative APT pins and make the change today.

Bradken Pins


Safe Installation and Removal

Bradken's APT pins feature an industry accepted RUD lifting lug, which enables lifting hooks to fully close for safer removal. Since employing this feature, Bradken has further developed the lifting lug concept following our continuous improvement process. The latest variation of the pin now has a fully recessed lift point, reducing the risk of the RUD lifting lug being removed in unforseen circumstances, where the lug was not used in the manner that it was designed.

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Pin placement

Bradken's Harmonise pins have been designed to fit flush in rigging parts, reducing the risk of pin damage and unscheduled down time.

Long Life

Bradken has actively trialled APT pins against competitor offerings and has continually been able to exceed the OEM part by more than three (3) times, In some instances, the part has lasted more than eight (8) times.

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Reduced Inventory

Bradken's Harmonise Dragline Rigging products were designed simultaneously, which enabled Bradken to consolidate pins and reduce inventory. Below are two examples of Bradken's APT Pin standardisation.

Hammer free Locking System

All Bradken rigging incorporates safe hammer free locking systems. Designed for installation using conventional tools, Bradken retainer systems are fast and easy to operate.

The unique P-Lock system allows removal of the keeper from two directions, ensuring less handling of heavy parts.

The T-Lock and B-Lock systems provide your mine site with hammer free locking pin options that are easy to install and remove. B-Lock provides the added benefit of a fully covered locking head to minimise the risk of damage.

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Reduction in your Total Cost of Ownership

With operating costs playing a key role in any mine site operations, Bradken has formulated a tool to showcase the cost savings that our APT pins can provide. Your local Bradken representative will be able to sit down with you and highlight these savings using our APT Cost Analysis Benefits tool.

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Bradken HARMONISE CHAIN available
Bradken has a large selection of Chain options in a variety of lengths and combinations. Please refer to the Chain Page. Click Here