Harmonise Upper Hoist Rigging Overview

Bradken's Revolutionary Upper Hoist Assembly!

Bradken's Harmonise Rigging/Jewellery solution is a collection of innovative designs with a revolutionary approach to the upper hoist rigging assembly. The new design features the Integrated Socket Equaliser (ISE), an innovation that seamlessly replaces five components in the upper hoist assembly creating an elegant solution that also reduces rigging height and weight.

This innovative (ISE) design has proven itself to be a "Fit and Forget" component that can last up to 12 months without any maintaince or repair, which in turn reduces machine down time and lowers maintence costs.


Lighter Stronger

Harmonise Upper Hoist rigging packages can save more than three tonnes in rigging weight compared to competitor packages. This mass saving has the potential to allow for the use of a larger bucket depending on dragline qualification. The resulting increase in capacity translates directly to improved production rates. Even using existing buckets, Bradken's lighter rigging can reduce machine overloads, improve boom longevity and reduce maintenance. While offering a significant mass reduction, Harmonise rigging components, made with high-strength Bradken alloys, have been shown to exhibit superior strength properties ensuring long-term durability.

Reduced Risk Exposure

Bradken is committed to providing reduced risk wherever possible:

  1. • Reduced number of change-outs due to longer lasting parts
  2. • Reduced inventory due to less components in the upper rigging assemblies and only three pin types used
  3. • All Bradken Lifting lugs permit latched hooks to be used for a safer installation
  4. • Bradken have maintained the Strength Safety Factor while reducing the mass on a number of rigging components by using intelligent design and superior materials
  5. • No welding of cover plates required to contain Bradken APT pins, saving time by eliminating unnecessary  labour thereby reducing the risk of injury.
Higher Spoil

The innovative Integrated Socket Equaliser (ISE) is unique to the Bradken Harmonise range. The ISE reduces rigging height by more than a metre,the resulting gain in spoil height (dragline dependant) is also a large advantage at spoil bound mine sites to reduce rehandle and walking time. A saving of 1 metre in spoil height can gain your site an extra 4% pile volume.

upper hoist

Swivel Motion

Harmonise Upper Hoist system has been designed with freedom of movement where it is needed most. The Integrated Socket Equaliser ISE has horizontal swivel movement for better operator control. The Tri-Link has a vertical swivel motion to reduce the load on the lower rigging, bucket and chains during the dig cycle. Overall the co-ordinated design is stronger, lighter, reduces inherent stresses and offers the operator more control.

hoistupper hoist

The Harmonise upper hoist assembly can be fitted to your exisiting Dump Block and rigging chain. Harmonise rigging componets are sold separately or as a package. Contact your local Bradken representative and see how we can maximise your productivity and reduce your downtime.


Centreline wedge

Wedge removal can often require heavy hammering - a potential safety risk. Bradken has included the centreline wedge concept in our sockets. They are safe, easy and quick to change in the field and are designed to utilise the hydraulic wedge removal tool already in use at a number of sites.