HARMONISE Dragline Rigging/Jewellery

Dragline Rigging, or jewellery, can have a significant influence on productivity and operating costs. Rigging that is too heavy restricts bucket capacities and unreliable parts can lead to unscheduled downtime. Parts that wear out quickly can cause additional unplanned maintenance, commit resources, increase overall risk exposure and maintenance costs. Recognising all the contributing factors that can often compete against each other and bringing them into harmony with each other is how Bradken designed the Harmonise product range.

Harmonise is your dependable solution for:
• improving the operational safety of rigging and/or chain maintenance
• maximising component life
• converting rigging mass into additional bucket payload
• reducing part inventory through standardisation


Bradken understands that components don't wear at the same rate. Replace single components and save on costs.

Many components are interchangeable with existing products. Contact your local Bradken representative for current packages or replacement parts.

Class 1

0 to 130 TSL (Tonnes)
BE 1260
Please contact your local representative for components sold for Class 1 machines.

Class 2

130 to 175 TSL (Tonnes)
Bucyrus 1350W
Bucyrus 1360W
Bucyrus 1370W
Bucyrus 1450W
Marion 7920
Marion 8000
Marion 8050
Page 757
Page 852LR

Class 3

175 to 210 TSL (Tonnes)
Bucyrus 1500W
Bucyrus 1570W
Bucyrus 1570WS
Bucyrus 2500W
Marion 8200
Marion 8400

Class 4

210 to 330 TSL (Tonnes)
Bucyrus 2550W
Bucyrus 2570W
Bucyrus 2570WS
Bucyrus 8700
Bucyrus 8750
Bucyrus 8750D
Bucyrus 8740AC
Bucyrus 8750AC
Bucyrus/Marion 8750
P&H 9020

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