Bradken Rigging DUMP BLOCK

A stronger, lighter dump block

The dump block is part of Bradken's Harmonise rigging system. This system has utilised the very latest technology in engineering and has already shown massive productivity gains over the current market.

Product Features

Interchangeable Cast Clevis

Bradken's Dump Block features the option of a vertical or a horizontal cast clevis, which can be made to suit any size dump rope between 50mm and 95mm. Bradken's Harmonise Dump Block can be used with Bradken's Harmonise Rigging Package or your existing rigging.

Dump Block

Dump Block

Compatible with Becketed ropes

One of the unique features of Bradken's Harmonise Dump Block is the ability to use it on a number of machines at your mine site operations. The 48" Dump Block encompasses the most common dragline machines (see packages page for machine classes) and is designed to be used with becketed ropes, ensuring there is no additional downtime attributed to changing dump ropes during planned/unplanned maintenance breaks. The Dump Block is also designed to suit rope sizes of 51mm (2"), 76mm (3") and 83mm (3 1/4").

dump block

Engineered to last the distance

The Dump Block features 20% larger bearings compared to OEM offerings, enabling the bearing life to last double the competition. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has been used to effectively reduce the weight by making sure that there is no wasted mass in the dump block while at the same time optimising the material for maximum strength.

dump block

Safety Benefits

Bradken is always working towards reducing the risk of injury through the continual design and improvement of hammer free systems. Bradken's Dump Block is compatible with Advanced Processing Technology (APT) rigging pins, and Bradken's range of hammer free locking pins. APT rigging pins have outlasted competitor's offerings by more than three times. Check out Bradken's range of APT Pins.

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