Harmonise chain meets customer demands in high impact and highly abrasive conditions

Bradken's Harmonise Chain combines innovative design with world class manufacturing and inspection techniques to provide reliability, safety and reduced operating costs. Available in a range of chain lengths and sizes to suit Hoist, Drag and Dump Chain configurations.chain


Harmonise DRAGLINE CHAIN Features

Lasting the Distance.

Bradken rigging is developed using leading edge Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software to ensure minimum weight and maximum strength. With more uniform wear characteristics and optimised design features, Bradken's chain is proving to be a safe and reliable option for mine sites globally.

Optimised Material Distribution

Bradken's product development team optimised the crotch/bight contact between all Harmonise links by increasing the surface area to improve sliding contact. This allows for a more uniform wear, which in turn decreases the contact pressure and maximises chain life.

Dragline Chain

Increased wear material where it matters

Bradken chain was designed using dynamic simulation analysis and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in order to provide increased wear material where needed whilst keeping the rigging weight to a minimum. The chain features a greater section thickness in high-wear crotch/bight areas, particularly in the step-up and stud-end links.The chain is cast in Bradken Intellectual Property (IP) alloys, with options suitable for abrasive and high impact sites.


Bradken 3" Dump Chain VS 2.5" Dump Chain

Bradken's dump chain provides unparalleled benefits to other like products currently being offered in the market.

Bradken's larger heavy duty 3" dump chain has been designed with additional wear material in high wear areas while maintaining a similar weight to a standard 2.5" assembly.

The 3" chain assembly requires fewer links to achieve comparable lengths to the 2.5" assembly, which means it can be installed without requiring modifications to the dump rope as there is no adverse effect on the bucket carry angle.

The Bradken 3" dump chain offers improved wear life resulting in less downtime and reduced maintenance costs.

dragline chain

Mechanical Repair Links - Hammer free

The Harmonise range features a hammer free Mechanical Repair link to suit a wide range of chain sizes and OEM equivalents.The mechanical repair link reduces unscheduled downtime caused by chain failures.

Repair Link
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