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The Advantage

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Bradken is a leading manufacturer of differentiated wear products and can support your site with our 'Advantage'. Bradken has been servicing the Australian market for over 55 years and has continued to diversify and support the growing mining industry and their demands. There is a wide array of services that your mine site can count on Bradken to provide. Contact your local Bradken representative to learn more about the 'Advantages' they can provide you in your mining region.

bradken engineers

Bradken has an innovative and experienced team of designers and engineers that are able to customise products to suit your mine site. Bradken engineers are based close to key mining regions throughout Australia, providing support to our customers both locally and globally.

bradken manufacturing

Bradken has a number of refurbishment facilities positioned close to Australia's major mining regions ensuring mine sites are serviced efficiently. Keep your eye out for new refurbishment facilities as Bradken looks to expand their facilities both in Australia and Internationally.

bradken site monitoring

Bradken's account managers are equipped with the tools to help monitor and track your Bradken parts and provide you with the information when parts will need to be refurbished or replaced. This service will significantly reduce the chance of downtime from part failure.

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With warehouses located Australia wide, Bradken has the infrastructure to keep your mine site running efficiently. Our distribution network ensures that parts can be transported to you in a timely manner.

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